The Mission
Photo by Blair Anderson
Faith  Reflection 
How can I express in a few short lines
The things I believe, the faith that is mine?
So much I could say about God and His plan,
His sovereignty, the redemption of man,

The Father, the Son, the Spirit, all three,
All One, everlasting in eternity,
The end, the beginning and all in between,
The broken, the mended, the seen and unseen,

The power, the glory, the thrice 'Holy' cries;
His grace and His mercy toward one such as I.
So I'll remain simple, basic and brief,
In stating the basis for all my beliefs......


Statement of Faith

I believe the foundational, historic truths of the Christian faith concerning God and man, life and death, heaven and hell, sin and forgiveness, as taught in the Holy Scriptures, and generally expressed in the Apostles Creed; that there is salvation in no other name than Jesus Christ; that we are saved not by works of the law, but by grace, through faith in Him and Him alone.

Mission Statement

To be a willing, available and faithful servant of God, that by His grace, power, calling and direction, I may faithfully and humbly use the spiritual gifts, musical talents and resources entrusted to me...

  • to - "refresh the hearts of the saints in Christ", and bring challenge, warning and hope to the lost
  • by - joyfully spreading the 'good news' of forgiveness and new life in Jesus Christ, and sharing the reality of His daily and ongoing work in my life
  • through - original songs, testimony, the Word, and humor



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